DUE: by 10am Tuesday September 27,2022 NO LATE WORK!!!! This


DUE: by 10am Tuesday September 27,2022 NO LATE WORK!!!!

This paper is to be written in APA format, 3-5 page paper, double-space, time new roman, 12 font

Bible perspectives, abstract, keywords, 3-5 pages body, conclusion, and references

Please read all instructions of how to construct the paper and grading rubric.

Include reading attached and 3-4 references


Governor Sarah Palin Endorses Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate. (2012, May 10). Targeted News Service https://go.openathens.net/redirector/liberty.edu?url=https://www.proquest.com/wire-feeds/governor-sarah-palin-endorses-ted-cruz-u-s-senate/docview/1169215929/se-2

King James Bible. (1970). The Holy Bible. Camden, New Jersey. Thomas Nelson, Inc.

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