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According to my worldview each person is a unique soul, like a fingerprint. Controversial bioethical issues like abortion, selective abortion, reduction in multiple pregnancy, invitro fertilization, stem cell research on aborted babies, genetic modifications, surrogacy, frozen embryos, and creating human life outside of the human body for research are all human dignity issues.

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These bioethical man-made laws do not consider that our intrinsic value as humans requires that we are treated with dignity. For example, you cannot randomly perform invasive tests on humans or clone them to extract healthy organs. This utilitarian approach negates the human soul by making decisions based on the happiness of the greatest number.

Just because we understand scientifically how to create life outside the human body in our labs does not give us the right to decide who can or “should” be created, which embryos to pick, when life begins, and when it can be ended. Beginning of life issues and end of life issues are at the heart of much controversy in the healthcare world. Scientists want to decrease human suffering and therefore believe it is just to create life or take life to avoid pain. This goal in and of itself is beautiful, but the means do not justify the ends.

Because God is the author of all life and all wisdom, humans should be humble enough to know they are not capable of the wisdom needed to know when, how and where to create and take life. It is beyond our capability.