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English 102
Optional Memoir Final Draft Assignment
You may write a 1,250-word to 1,500-word, 5-page to 7-page essay introducing yourself to me and the class. If the grade for your essay exceeds your grade for Essay 1, Essay 2, or Essay 3, your Memoir grade will be used instead. This essay is due on the day and time of our Final Exam. The in-class letter of introduction or the memoir first draft Discussion Board assignment can be used as your first draft. Please write two or more sentences for each paragraph. Please consider the suggestions below:

You should write an introductory or opening paragraph that contains a “hook” (one or more sentences that introduce your subject and capture the reader’s interest) as well as a one-sentence or two-sentence thesis (main argument).

Your essay should have three or more supporting paragraphs. You may discuss any relevant facts about yourself, such as a characteristic that makes you unique.

You may discuss why you are taking this class and/or what you hope to get out of it, as well as your long-term educational goals.

You may discuss your favorite book, movie, television show, etc. and explain why it is your favorite and what it says about your personality.

Please restate your thesis in your own words and write one or more sentences to satisfy the reader in your closing paragraph.

Relax and have fun with this assignment!