Ethical Argumentental essay

– title is : Should education be free for Florida public universities? – thesis: The education should be free for students in public universities located in florida. audience : government/people who deal with the education system – THE PRIMARY ETHICAL PRINCIPAL BEING USED IS CONSEQUENTIAL. BUT THE ESSAY NEEDS TO HAVE THE THREE PRINCIPLES 1. CONSEQUENTIAL 2. VIRTUE BASED 3. DEONTOLOGICAL – the introduction should have an overview of the controversy, bringing the audience up to speed up the issue in a brief, accurate fashion. it should establish the audience by directly naming it in a sentence and it should of course include the thesis statement (above ) – only one short source should be used in the introduction as a background to the controvery being presented amd the other 2 sources as evidence for body paragraphs. If possible the source most demonstrate how the topic is current. – on one of the body paragraphs there should also be an opposing side to the controversy. – the conclucion should restates the ethical argument as well as the thesis, strong concluding argument. 

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