Ethnocentrism and some tips on how to minimize it

This is based on you doing further research on a subject either introduced to you through this course or related to a course topic. Since this is cultural anthropology, pretty much any topic could work for this research project! Please describe the specific topic that you decided to investigate. Why this topic, in particular? Based on your research, please summarize the key information that you learned about your topic. Make sure to include key quotes and details (and don’t forget to cite the sources that your information came from!!). It is NOT okay to just “cut and paste” sections from various online sources. It is usually VERY obvious, and will earn you a zero (or possibly worse), so be careful! Name and describe three (3) examples of anthropology terms, concepts, themes, or relevant vocabulary that you learned about in this class that you believe tie in with this research or its topic. Make sure to explain in detail, taking time to define the terms and explain their relevance to your experience. This is an “important” question, so please take time on it to maximize your extra credit points. In doing this research, what made the most impact on you personally? Please explain why/how. Please list ALL sources consulted as a part of your research. If you TALKED to anyone, you would list this as a “Personal Communication” with person’s name and date(s).Websites can be listed with their webaddress, but if consulting a specific article or section of a website, make sure to note that. You do not have to utilize a particular format for these citations – just use what is familiar to you and be consistent throughout!

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