1.Assessment brief from course outline. Assessment is by:

Individual Report (40%) In the Individual Report you will have to select a consumer goods company of your choice. If the company is active in more than a single business field, select one business division (e.g., Marks & Spencer, Food). First, you have to evaluate the overall attractiveness of two emerging markets of your choice at the country level (e.g., Argentina versus Malaysia) in which the selected company is not yet active. Second, you have to evaluate the distance (e.g., cultural or administrative distance) between the home-country of the selected company and the two emerging markets (e.g., distance between UK and Argentina, and distance between UK and Malaysia). Third, you have to evaluate the attractiveness at the industry level (e.g., Argentinian versus Malaysian coffee house market). After having summarized the results of the preceding steps, fourth, you have to provide a recommendation which em

erging market to enter. Fifth, you have to provide a recommendation with regard to the appropriate entry mode (e.g., joint venture, acquisition or Greenfield venture). Justify all arguments put forward in the report. A wide variety of sources should be used, including annual reports, journal and newspaper articles, corporate reports, industry reports, data bases, company websites, etc. This is an individual course work report. The word limit for the report is 2,500 (excluding appendixes and references; 10% tolerance level). Please submit your report via Moodle. You will be expected to do some independent research to answer the above-mentioned questions. A good level of detail is expected. Reports should be fully referenced, applying theoretical concepts and frameworks discussed in this module on the selected case study. Full regulations and guidance on writing are given in the Royal Holloway University of London – School of Management Student Handbook. You can hand in your reports early, but no later than the deadline specified by your course administrator. You are strongly advised to keep a copy of your work.