Explain the definition of civil society from page 17 of the Cohen textbook. 
b. What are Oxfam’s positions supported by? 
c. What significant relationships has Oxfam built? 
d. Describe the “Brady Plan.” 
e. Describe the difference between bilateral and multilateral debts. 
f. What forms of advocacy did activists use in “50 years is Enough”? 
g. What results did the activists reach? 
h. Describe Oxfam’s “inside-outside” advocacy strategy. 
Why is the U.S. Treasury’s role important in the debt relief negotiation?
j. How was HIPC unique from previous debt relief efforts?
k. How did a country qualify for the HIPC Initiative? 
l. What problems did HIPC have? 
m. Describe “Jubilee 2000.” 
n. Describe the year of jubilee found in the Bible. 
o. What was Jubilee’s message? 
p. What advocacy efforts did Jubilee engage in? 
q. How did Uganda benefit from HIPC? 
r. What goal did Uganda get closer to reaching with HIPC? 
s. What significant result did the 1999 G7 Summit attain?