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Please answer the following question in your initial post:

Describe how you apply the first step (assessment) of the nursing process in your current practice setting. If you are not currently practicing as an RN, you may use an example from a prior clinical or work experience. Include the following information:

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  • Briefly describe your practice setting and the typical patient population.
  • Provide examples of key subjective and objective data points you collect.
  • Describe how you document your findings. Is there technology involved?
  • Describe your process of data analysis. What is the end result of this process? (i.e., Do you formulate nursing diagnoses and care plans, collaborate with others and/or make referrals?)

assignment 2

Explore the American Diabetes Association website. Click on the Research and Practice Tab to open a drop down menu – Practice Resources, which includes Patient Materials and Clinical Practice Guidelines. Explore other sections of this website which has many resources available.

Post a summary of one of the articles or Clinical Practice Guidelines from the ADA website, related to care of the Diabetic patient. Discuss nursing clinical judgment, or functional abilities of the patient in regards to key risks, complications, or unique concerns related to care of the Diabetic patient. Post both 1st and 2nd responses online.