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Fieldwork Research: Primary Sources

This assignment assumes 4 steps:

  1. Attend a live music making opportunity, a concert, or watch an entire music concert on YouTube. It can be of any music genre (see instructions below).
  2. Interview an insider of that culture 
  3. Write a Fieldwork Concert Report
  4. Transcribe and arrange the interview (in the same paper)

this the concert (  kpop music is korean music )

first you have to make about concert report/ participant observation :

 Students will attend minimum one live or online music performance. The preferred ethnographic writing is that of a participant observation – meaning, you take part in the music making next to the performers, so that you can live their experiences. Sometimes this is not possible, and you will have to experience music making from the fan’s perspective, or just that of the spectator’s perspective – in the case of Western classical concerts, or if you are viewing a concert on YouTube. Your goal is to capture the performance, event, and situation, and meaning of the event to the people involved (insider’s point of view). In order to do this, please describe as accurately as possible:

 • The physical setting (stage, concert hall, audience) – you can draw a plan of the hall and/or take pictures, if allowed

 • The behavior of individuals and groups of people – both the artists on the stage, as well as the audience

 • Conversation and interactions between people • Sequence of events (before the concert, during the concert, after the concert)

 • Demographic survey (count or approximate how many people are there; offer information about their gender, age, professional background, education level – if possible). In trying to assume the audience’s socio-economic status, you can look at their fashion style, cars, etc.

 • Rationale of the event: for WHOM is the event held, WHERE was it held, WHEN did it happen, and WHY did it happen

 • People’s emotions, meanings, and beliefs (if possible) 

the second part is to make interview with 2 persons individually ( create 2 persons from your imagination introduce them and ask them these questions):

 Upon gaining access in a live performance event or an online music-genre specific chatroom, students will follow the steps below to conduct one interview with a participant in the specific culture/performance: 

1- what is your reaction of songs?

2- do you like it? and why do you like it?

3- why do people like these songs or concert?

4-  Identify the most expert participant member that you can have access to interview (“key informant”): for some concerts, it would be hard or almost impossible to interview the performer. In such case, interview an audience member/participant/fan that has most knowledge of the culture/genre performed or strong ties to the particular music tradition. 

 5. Inform them of the purpose of your research, and gain acceptance for interviewing. If the subject wishes to remain anonymous, you should comply. Be courteous and respectful, make the subject feel safe; allow the subject to refuse to answer any question(s) or end the interview at any moment

6. Who do you attend this concerts with? Family? Friends? Alone? 

7. • Do you get involved in it? How? o Why? (follow-up open-ended question) o Do your friends/family do the same? (follow-up question) o Why? (allows you to gain information for comparative purposes)


1- provide two comment from this youtube concert. 

2- provide 2 referneces