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 This is a research paper which has different parts. – Research Proposal – Annotated Bibliography -Literature Review Research Project – Research Proposal The proposal will give you an opportunity to organize your ideas and present a viable plan of action as you work towards collecting sources for the research project. The research proposal will help you gain clarity about your audience, which in turn will help you focus the scope of the research project. This assignment is designed to help you develop skills for writing a proposal, a common genre in the workplace. Research Project – Annotated Bibliography The Annotated Bibliography assignment will help you collect, summarize and evaluate the sources you are exploring for your Literature Review report. It will be an important component of your research, and it will help you understand the relationships among the various sources and identify the existing research relevant to your topic. Research Project – Progress Report This report is designed to outline your progress to-date. You will share your research question, describe how each section is evolving, identify any concerns and plan completion of the assignment. This report is scheduled before the draft for the research assignment is due, but after a significant portion of the research has been completed. It will help you articulate your ideas and finalize your plan of action as you begin drafting the final project. Progress reports are common workplace requirements. Research Project – Literature Review The literature review is a major assignment that will be worked on in phases during the course of the semester. You will collect, analyze and summarize sources to make an argument. You will argue for one of several possibilities; here are two examples: the need for further research in a specific area; the need for additional data collection to illuminate a specific aspect of the issue under investigation. The literature review will demonstrate that you have a narrow research area, that you have discovered gaps in the research, and that you are able to propose viable suggestions for future avenues of research.

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