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FIRST, please respond to one of the following options. Please clearly indicate which option you have chosen at the top of your writing.:
Option 1:
Based on the first half of the text, identify one way Gilgamesh fits the mold of epic literature?
Option 2:
How do Gilgamesh and Enkidu form the epic heroic pair of hero and helper? Compare the heroic buddy team of Gilgamesh and Enkidu with another buddy team from modern media: TV, film, and literature.
Option 3:
Identify a more current character from TV, film, and literature etc. that fits the mold of an epic hero.
Bring in concrete material from the Gilgamesh text to help illustrate how your choice appropriately compares to Gilgamesh.
In addition to posting your response to one of the options above, your initial post should also contain a question or observation you have about the text that can further advance text discussion.
This original post must be 200-300 words total, include contain specific references (quotes/paraphrase with page or line numbers) to the text with full citation, and proofread for spelling and grammar. This first writing must be posted by 11:59pm Saturday of each week in order to allow for discussion. Students will not be able to see peer posts until the original post is submitted.
THEN, respond to any TWO peers. Students must respond to TWO peer posts by 11:59 Tuesday (end of week). These responses should work to answer or respond to the questions/observations posed by peers, must be at least 150 words each,
and include further specific and cited references to the text or other course materials. Responses need to extend the conversation.
Each modules posts will be graded out of 10pts. (5pts. for the original, 5pts. for the two responses).

Materials that are late will be deducted 5
% per day late and receive minimal feedback.
Materials over a week late will not be accepted. Any technical errors or online submission errors will be handled on an individual basis. Correct and punctual submission of assignments is the responsibility of the student.