Complete your Reading before addressing this Discussion topic.

Make sure to title each part of your response as Part A and B.

Part A: The Historical Timeline:

The first chapter assigned in your Reading provides a foodservice industry timeline. It is important to know about the history of this sector so that you can anticipate trends versus more stable elements in the industry.

Based on your Reading address the following items:

  • Based on the timeline located in Chapter 1, which owner attributes do you think were involved in establishing the first restaurant such that it became an established place to eat for customers?
  • What customer needs did this first restaurant fulfill and in what way did they address those needs?
  • Describe the main differences between the 15th century foodservice and today’s foodservice.

Part B: Subsystems

Describe the subsystems applicable to the particular foodservice business from the options below based on Figure 2.4 in the text.

(a) An Asian food truck in Bismarck, North Dakota.

(b) A system of taco kiosks around the city of Houston, Texas.

(c) An organic fast food restaurant in Portland, Oregon.