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For students to demonstrate familiarity with messaging and understanding the dynamics of multiple audiences.

“Operation Varsity Blues” exposed a college admissions bribery scheme. One of those charged was actress Lori Loughlin, well known for various TV series, including Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart and Garage Sale Mystery series when news broke about the college admissions’ scandal.

This news resulted in Hallmark, Netflix, and other companies cutting ties with Loughlin and removing her from various projects, both already filmed and in the works.

 Look up articles online related to this case. Your task is to address each of the questions listed below. 



Was Hallmark correct or incorrect in the action they took?

Based on the material covered in class to this point, and or outside research, what would you have advised Ms. Loughlin to do in the first 48 hours if you KNEW the story was going public?