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For the special occasion presentation, you may present a tribute to a famous person or present a speech of inspiration. You must be able to includes references to credible outside sources, (at least one for each main point of your presentation) so be sure to select a speech topic that has scholarly sources written about it.
This assignment requires that you create a formal outline. A formal outline is detailed and written in complete sentences instead of using a keyword or sentence fragment for each point.
Creating a formal outline will assist you both in developing your ideas and in following the organizational patterns that you have learned in this week’s readings and discussion forum about delivering presentations. A great presentation is well organized and easy for the listener to understand. Your audience has only one opportunity to understand the message conveyed in your presentation. It is important to have a clearly established audience for your presentation and to consistently adapt the content of your presentation for that audience.
For examples of acceptable and unacceptable ways of developing your formal outline, please review the Sample Outlines document.
Create your formal outline using the Special Occasion Presentation Outline Template. The template includes all of the elements that are required for the outline.
Required Resources
Tinianow, D. (2017). New traditions in public speaking. Retrieved
Chapter 5: Special Occasion Speeches
Chapter 9: Evaluating Speeches
Supplemental Material
Special Occasion Presentation Outline Template
For use in this week’s assignment.
Recommended Resources
Special Occasion Speaking
This resource provides specific guidance on the special occasion speaking situation.
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Speech Techniques
These resources provide guidance on effective speech techniques.
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