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For this assignment, you will
1.submit a research proposal. In your proposal, you must talk about what you will be researching and why. You will need to write up two paragraphs, one to talk about the question you want to pursue and one to explain why you want to pursue it.
2.type up a working thesis that you must underline. You work must be summited in MLA format.
Also you will need to submit your annotated bibliography, It should have proper MLA 8 Formatting.
3. create an Outline for your research paper grade. This outline must be in MLA Format (for an example look at your writing guides module). Your outline must follow theses guidelines:
1. Needs to follow the MLA Format.2. You must have a works cited page.3. You must have a thesis.4. Must have five fully planned out claims, with evidence from your sources, and a thorough analysis. This means you must have five claim sentences followed by at least one piece of evidence and an equivalent or greater amount of analysis to connect proof to claim and claim to thesis.5. Any quote you plan to use needs to be fully cited in-text.