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For this assignment, you will provide a document that can be used to create a blog post. 

Your content should review the future risks and solutions that might apply to your selected organization. Consider new technologies that the organization might adopt, changes in the information assets and vulnerabilities of the organization, and new threats that might appear within the organization and globally. Do not mention the organization in your blog; rather, you should identify the rough size and industry. Company names might imply a risk to you or others should the blog be taken out of context. You do need to plan your content carefully so that you can create a logical conclusion about the future and propose appropriate actions for defense or avoidance.

Length: 1,200 – 1,500 words 

Note: Create at least one graphic or table to support your work and opinions. Include information that supports the assignment criteria listed above. Make sure all of the links work. Be particularly accurate in citing and referencing because this will be a public document.

References: You should include a minimum of 5 sources beyond the resources listed for this week’s learning.


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