Hello, The companies I am working on are APPLE and SAMSUNG.

I need this assignment back in like 12 hours. Please bid only if you can assure this condition. Thank you.

1. Calculate each company’s basic and diluted earnings per share (EPS) for each year. (For the recent 2 years)

2. Comment on the direction of change in basic EPS for each company. (The comment should be at least 6-8 sentences). 

3. Illustrate the two companies’ EPS and financial ratios using figures. Design your figures in a way that is easy to understand and refer to these figures in your discussion of each category of ratios.  Each group needs to make the following judgments.  

o Whether to prepare a separate figure for each ratio or to include more than one ratio, from the same category of ratios, in one figure, o For each ratio/category of ratios: whether to prepare separate figures for the two companies or to include both companies in the same figure