Format: Please follow MLA (Times New Roman / 12 point Font, Heading, Headers, Margins, Creative Title (do not bold or underline), Thesis with structured essay that follows, etc. I do expect that you already know these rules, as they are taught in ENG 1301 and 1302, which are pre-requisites for taking this course. Sources: Yes, you must do research and include at least 5 (five) SCHOLARLY AND ACADEMIC sources for a paper of this length. The sources must be utilized within and cited correctly, both in-text and on the Works Cited page. Works Cited Page: Yes, you must not only use in-text citations when you quote or paraphrase, but the source must be included on your works cited page. The Works Cited page does not count as part of your word requirement….it is separate from your count. While you may write on any topic of interest to you, it must be about British Literature during the time periods studied in this course (Romantic Period to Current – 20th and 21st centuries). If you still need more help for topics, look at these suggestions below:  Gender roles How are the roles of men and women portrayed? Are they distinctly different? Do they have equal rights? What gender expectations do they follow or fight against?

 Comparisons between genres How does each genre tell its story? What are the differences and similarities between the two? Is one more effective than the other?  Historical background Who is the author and what is their story? Were there controversies associated with him/her or their work? What is the significance of the work in the time it was written? How does it reflect on the society and beliefs of its time?  Politics What issues in politics does the work address? Discrimination? Rights? Equality?  Religion How is the work religious? What beliefs is it promoting or questioning?  Comparisons between two characters This can be between characters in the same work or two different ones. How are their differences and similarities important to the work?  Comparisons between two novels If the works seem completely different, but represent the same genre or come from the same time period, this may be something you want to explore.