How can communities become fire resistant, especially as some of these

Prompt: The recent fires in both Northern and Southern California have again brought us to the realization that many of our communities are built on the interface between forest and urbanization. How can communities become fire resistant, especially as some of these communities (e.g. Malibu, Paradise, Santa Rosa)?

Potential Structure • Executive Summary o Member 1 • Introduction o Member 2 • Background o Member 3 • Technical Solutions + Ethical Analysis (note: ethical analyses will prob be moved to be after the solutions but TBD!) o Member 4 – fire resistant materials for construction o Member 5 o Member 6 • Nontechnical Solutions + Ethical Analysis o Member 7 – emergency preparedness o Member 8 – fire resistant building codes and public education on fire safety/ prevention + public view on fire in general o Member 9 – Homeowner/property owner fire prevention policy

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