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I need 3 slides for this presentation- ( It is a team presentation, so I only need THREE) on traditions of Japanese culture

PSY/450: Diversity And Cultural Factors In Psychology

Wk 3 Team – Cultural Presentation [due Mon]

Wk 3 Team – Cultural Presentation [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. Resource: Grading Guide: Cultural Presentation

    Imagine a local company has contacted you regarding new employees from a different culture.
    Choose a culture outside of those represented in your Learning Team.

    Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint®, research-based presentation to help employees understand cultural differences in the expression of emotion and the interpretation of behaviors and traditions. Include the following in your presentation:

    • Discuss research findings on cultural differences in the expression of emotion, interpretation of behavior, and traditions
    • Translate the research results into everyday terms, as your audience will be people unfamiliar with psychological jargon.
    • Apply the research findings to your chosen culture.
    • Include a minimum of three credible, peer-reviewed resources in your presentation.
      Format the citations in your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.
      Submit your assignment.


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