I need help with this sample assignment.  See the prompt below and attached template:

 “Prompt: You will now calculate and analyze data based on information provided in the scenario to inform and support the decisions necessary to resolve the  organizational challenges. Your analysis will explore the production schedule and vendor optimization by running a linear programming model and sensitivity  analysis. You will submit this section as an Excel spreadsheet to show your programming. Please refer to your syllabus for instructions on how to access your  case study.  Specifically, you must address the critical elements listed below.  

“II. Data Analysis:  

A. Calculate the labor stages and material requirements for each product.  

B. Based on the results of your calculation, develop a summary table for linear programming analysis.  

C. Next, calculate the production schedule, determining what will be produced, the quantity, and when the output will be produced.  

D. Conduct a sensitivity analysis on the cost of the products using a decision tree. 

E. Generate labeled graphs to demonstrate changes, if any, in product cost.”

I need the attached template filled out to reflect the asks (see: Sections  A -E) made by the prompt.  Thanks so much for your help. 🙂

Please let me know the cost estimate, as well as time estimate.  I’ll be able to pay this Fri, so don’t expect any work to begin until then.  Thanks again!