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Follow Directions:  Essay Questions-Respond to each essay question with a minimum of 300 Words. Cite your sources and include references for each.

Essay question 1: Describe the differences between PERT and CPM analysis. Under what circumstances would you use PERT over CPM? Why?

Essay question 2: Assume that you were assigned a project to manage, and, upon inspection of the project schedule, you observe that there is more than one critical path. What would be your reaction and how would you respond?

Essay question 3: Should all activities that are considered essential for the success of the project be included in the project critical path? Why or why not?

Essay question 4: Discuss the role of the project team and the project manager in determining the duration of project activities. How does the team determine activity durations?

Essay question 5:  Assume that you have assigned durations to each activity and have sequenced all activities in the project schedule. Now that this process is complete, the project sponsor observes that the schedule takes too much time. What are your options as a project manager?