identify the ethical or leadership “issues” in the segment and connect

Make the connections very specific. This is the core of the assignment, so put some intellectual effort into it. The more sources you cite, which tie aspects of the segment to the readings, the more likely you will earn a “good” grade. The first essay should contain no fewer than 10 citations drawn from at least 3 of the assigned readings The second essay should contain no fewer than 15 citations drawn from at least 5 of the assigned readings Use APA citation format. Visit Hamersly Library to find the APA citation guide, if necessary. A sample sentence connecting the readings to a segment would look very much like the following sentence: After viewing the Frontline segment “A Death in St. Augustine,” I came to a number of the conclusions. First, the actions of a select number of officers, confirm there are plenty of right-versus-wrong decisions in society, in fact, “…the world abounds with instances that, however commonplace, are widely understood to be wrong” (Kidder (2003:17). Second, etc., etc. Dig into your readings, search for the observations and advice offered by the authors and/or those they interview. Cite and connect them with great vigor. Conclusion Offer a conclusion. This should be a personal observation that summarizes your feelings about the segment and its thematic relationship to ethics or leadership, or both. Reference page

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