In this week, you examined ethical dilemmas related to consulting and coaching. For this Application, you will focus on ethical dilemmas related to coaching. Specifically, you will the ATTACHED case study involving a coach, a client, and the client’s supervisor. As you will see in the case study, coaching can pose some ethical challenges when coaches are paid by someone other than the client, such as the client’s supervisor. The payment for services may lead the client’s supervisor to believe that he or she is automatically privy to confidential information. Therefore, it is important to anticipate and address these issues ahead of time. 

Suppose you are the coach in the case study. By Day 7, write a 2- to 3-page memo that explains your decisions in response to the requests made in the case study. The memo should include the following:

  • Briefly describe the ethical dilemmas in the case study and the implications of each.
  • Explain how you would respond to the COO and VP. Support your explanation with specific ethical standards and decision-making models. If applicable, explain how you would engage in the organization’s internal ethics and compliance processes to resolve the dilemma.
  • Propose solutions that would benefit the COO and the VP in the case study.