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In week 2, you learned about the various ways in which we are made aware of crime and the different strengths and weaknesses of each of these methods of gathering crime statistics.  You have also learned about how crime is defined can impact the overall perception and knowledge of the crime. 

Directions: With the readings from week 1 and 2 in mind, answer each of the following questions.  Be sure to fully answer each part of every question. 

1.  Discuss the different views (I.e., interactionist, consensus, conflict) that influence how crime is defined.  Which do you think is the best definition and why?  Your “why” should be supported with facts. 

2.  Discuss two strengths and two weaknesses of each of the various measures of crime.  Which method do you think is best and why? 

3.  Discuss two ways in which you think we can lessen the dark figure of crime. 

4.  Based on your answers to questions 1-3, propose a new way in which you think crime data should be collected. * note- this question involves critical thinking and should be your unique idea.  You should, however, use course material to back up your thoughts. 

Format Directions: 

  • Paper must be double spaced, 11 or 12 pt font and 1”margins all around.
  • All APA 7th edition format requirements must be followed (cover page, in text citations, reference page). Refer to APA/UMGC – learning resources found in the content page of this course.
  • You must have resources to support your thoughts/opinions/information.  These must be cited both in text as well as at the end of the document. Your paper should not contain direct quotes, sourced material must be paraphrased.
  • This should NOT be in flowing prose- you should answer in 1, 2, 3, 4 format