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Instructions for assignment: 1-2 pgs APA 6 format with in-text citations. 

At least 2 cited references.- More can be included if needed.

Please include a Conclusion- summarizing what was discussed in the paper. 

A table can be used to structure this assignment. *Screenshot of example format located in additional materials*

Please format the paper using the topics as sub- sections.  *Screenshot of example format located in additional materials* 

To keep your assigned departments moving forward, you are tasked with helping them to understand data definitions. When designing data definitions, you will assign meaning to the data elements that are part of the computerized data. If there is no definition to the data, then it is not information. Write a paper of 1–2 pages that discusses the following:

  • Design a list of 10 data elements related to the patient demographic information (refer back to the data sets if necessary). 
  • Indicate characteristics of each example, such as date format, text, alphanumeric, and so on. 
  • Define the number of characters for each data element and whether they are required data based on a data set. 

Be sure to support your information by citing at least 2 references using APA format.