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Numerous societies have clear gender differences. There are some societies that place women in a subservient position. Furthermore, some women are devalued, as their family honor is considered more important than their lives. This is often the case in honor killings. There was a publicized case of a woman from Iraq who escaped to a U.S. military base because her family was going to kill her. She had disgraced them by talking to a young man on a cell phone. Using the internet, the SNHU Library, and other sources, conduct research on honor killings.

In your response, address the following:

  • Why do some cultures engage in honor killings?
  • Do non-group members have the right to interfere with other cultures when it comes to long-standing cultural practices? What happens to the culture when others interfere?
  • Most cultural groups developed their cultural practices in relative isolation, and as mentioned in the text, these practices often served a practical role. When cultural groups have maintained radical or “harmful” practices that have not evolved, how might the members of the group be impacted? State some examples of “harmful” practices. How do the antiquated practices affect the members of the group when there is little outside influence?