You are only explaining part of your methodology. You have not included a paradigm discussion, methods, justification for your choice of method. • You need to explain your sample and justify it. You only have how you searched but what is your sample? • You don’t have a section on ethical considerations. • Your analysis process is not clear. You need to show the step by step process that you applied to your data. • You are talking about measures. Qual/quant are not measures. These could be only your criteria Findings: • There is no evidence in your findings regarding how you reached to these concepts. For instance the definition of AR table doesn’t make sense. You need to show the evidence of how you developed that table. You should put quotations from your data. • The subtitles in your findings are your research objectives. Therefore, they are not really findings. Lack of analysis procedure is a limitation for me to make any further comments as I don’t know how you reached to these findings.

Discussions: • Your discussions are not related to your findings. You are bringing in new concepts. Discussions is where you discuss your contributions but you seem to have new findings in the discussions. • You are talking about scales. What scales? You didn’t apply any scales? Or did you? Lack of analysis procedure, once again. 3/23/2019 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing 4/5 Overall, lack of evidence and analysis information are limiting factors for me to give you further feedback. This is the feedback from my professor. Its just that i want writer to change and rewrite my methodology and findings base on the feedback and i am planning to wright and change the disscusion and other parts by myself. So please write only methodology and findings. Also if possible, looking at the feedback about disscusion, there seems to be new findings in discussion so if possible can you add that when you write the findings part. 

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