Is there room for a “Telco Zero” in South Africa as the per the new

 1. Business Opportunity Statement What is the problem or opportunity that needs to be investigated? Describe the business reason(s) for initiating the project, specifically stating the business opportunity, and how the project will add value to Vodacom. The statement should contain a proposed view of how the Business Case will be constructed. 2. Project Description What is the current situation? Describe the current situation and the real problem or challenge being experienced. Describe what evidence you will need to analyse the situation and make recommendations about how you will go about collecting it. Describe the approach the project will use to address the business opportunity. 3. Project Goals and Objectives Describe the business goals and objectives of the project. What will a successful project deliver to the organisation, and how will success be measured. Describe the ideal scenario (without giving solutions) and what would make a solution (which you don’t have yet) relevant, or what will make the challenging situation better. 4. Project Scope Describe the project scope. The scope establishes the boundaries of the project and should describe areas that are inside or outside of the project scope. Consider whether a similar topic is currently under investigation in your organization and if there is, how can you complement what is already being done? 5. Critical Success Factors Describe the factors or characteristics that are deemed critical to the success of a project, such that, in their absence the project will fail. Consider the potential politics around your topic and who the key stakeholders might be. 6. Assumptions Describe any project assumptions related to business, technology, resources, scope, expectations, or schedules. 7. Constraints Describe any project constraints 8. Search Words Given the question Given the questions above, what are some search words that you could use for an online literature review search?

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