Jerry Smith is currently incarcerated for Aggravated Assault against Jenny


Jerry Smith is currently incarcerated for Aggravated Assault against Jenny Jones in 2009. Jenny was assaulted by Smith while she was walking to a movie with friends at 8:30 p.m. on a Friday night. The police report states that Smith was out drinking with friends and was intoxicated. When Smith saw Jones and her friends he walked over to “pick them up”. When Jones laughed at Smith he became upset and struck her in the head with his bottle of beer. He then kicked her in the head when she was knocked down. Jones was arrested at the scene by an off-duty police officer. Smith plead not guilty and was eventually found guilty of the assault. Jones was hospitalized for over a month for a severe concussion (she also suffered a cut to her forehead from the bottle).

Jenny suffered re-occuring headaches for the past year. She has also suffered panic attacks since the incident and refuses to leave the house at night. Jenny told friends that she should have died that night because she was “picked out for a reason” by Smith.

Smith had several arrests for drunk driving and public intoxication. He was arrested for burglary in 2007 when he broke into a restaurant at 2:00 a.m. because he “had the munchies”. Smith quit drinking in jail and started to go to the jail ministry. Approximately four weeks ago Jerry wrote a letter to the judge asking to meet with Jenny to express his feelings.

The judge heard that you are an advocate for restorative justice. She turns the case over to you to handle. In this discussion board you must address the following: Is this a good case for restorative justice? What may not make this case ideal for restorative justice? How would you set up this case for restorative justice? Discuss differences in your process and ideas regarding the case.

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