Select a leadership topic that you as a team are interested in. Use the list of sample topics below (list is NOT all inclusive). Research the topic thoroughly using valid, reliable sources from online periodical or databases (ABI/Inform, Academic Business Premier, JSTOR, ProQuest, etc). You should have between 20-25 articles about your topic. Your written report should include:

1. an introduction to your topic which includes why this is an important topic (i.e. statistics, application to work),

2. definition of terms,

3. a literature review (organize your paper according to sub-topics and use headings (APA format) to complete this section).

4. conclusion (summary your findings).

Possible Topics

Leadership Traits

Leadership Styles

Leadership Skills

Influence Tactics of Leaders

Leadership Succession

Leadership and Ethics

Trait Based Leadership

Behavior Based Leadership Situational Leadership

Leadership and Communication

Leadership Behaviors

Toxic Leadership


Transformational Leadership

Connective Leadership

Charismatic Leaders


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