LO 1-1: Explain significant legislation that influences special education and inclusion policy.

LO 1-2: Summarize three defining features of high quality inclusion in early childhood education.

LO 1-3: Describe the dimensions and variations of inclusion supports.

LO 1-4: Compare and contrast the different ways supports and services can be delivered.

LO 1-5: Recognize and discuss the benefits of inclusion.


Watch SpecialQuest Christopher’s Story atSpecialQuest Christopher’s Story (Links to an external site.)SpecialQuest Christopher's StoryDescribe the partnerships that developed among the early childhood programs as well as the way that these partnerships supported Christopher’s development. Discuss the family’s role and how they felt about the support Christopher received. What laws supports  Christopher and his family? Select the video that is 26 minutes in length. Your reflection should be 2 pages minimum. Be sure to use your textbook to support your writing. site references