Les Miserables Reflection Paper Watch the movie Les Miseralbles. Choose


Les Miserables Reflection Paper

Watch the movie Les Miseralbles. Choose which version of the movie you would like to view.

· 1998: Staring Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush – Presented in all talking

· 2012: Hugh Jackman and Russel Crow – Presented in almost all singing.

Write a paper reflecting on the ethical theories portrayed in the movie.




Find 5 scenes in the movie where you observe an ethical theory in action. 5 scenes for each theory: Duty, Consequentialism, and Cultural Relativism

· Column 1: Write 1 – 2 sentences to describe the scene

· Column 2: Describe how the ethical theory is portrayed in the scene.  

As Example




Ethical argument


Javert demanded that Valjean stand   for a trial for breaking parole even though years had passed and Valjean   served as Mayor of a city.

Javert had a duty to others as a   police to treat Valjean as a criminal. His duty to do the right thing even though the end result did not make   sense, and even though Valjean was really no longer a criminal. He demonstrated fidelity to his profession   as a police officer.









Ethical argument


The Villagers were   willing to take even gold fillings from Fantine for re-sale and   personal gain.

It was OK to use and   abuse a woman for personal gain.  It is an example of Hedonism where   there is no regard for another person, looking only for personal gain.





Cultural Relativism



Ethical argument


When Fantaine was being abused and   mocked by her co-workers because she had a baby when she was not married.

Culturally, a woman   was shunned by others when she had a baby when she was not married.  It   was justified because of Culturalism, where right and wrong is determined by   your community.






Reflecting on what you learned from the movie:  

· What impacted you the most and why?  

· Did the movie change your ideas surrounding ethics? 

· Describe how ethical values impacted the decisions of the movie characters?   

· Did the movie give deeper insight on God’s love?  

· How will the lessons from the movie impact your leadership practices?  

Reference list not required. 

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