Let’s exercise our scientific literacy and reasoning skills to determine


Let’s exercise our scientific literacy and reasoning skills to determine if you would buy a product that is marketed to you using science claims.

Instructions: Work on this assignment independently. Please answer each question with complete sentences and proper grammar. Please handwrite and make sure your writing must be legible. 

1) Look at this product page from Amazon. What is this page trying to get you to do? What is the purpose? (5 pts) 

The page is a form advertisement trying to persuade buyers to buy this Chlorophyll product by listing all the good benefits it helps with. Also, when many people see this advertisement, they will immediately think of their health and probably buy this because of the good benefits listed. 

Image 1

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2) From Chapter 8, what is chlorophyll, what is it used for, and what organisms contain it.  (5 pts)

Chlorophyll is known as the green pigment that plants use and rely on during photosynthesis. The green pigment is used for plants to convert carbon dioxide and water, using sunlight, into oxygen and glucose. Chlorophyll is found in all photosynthetic organisms, including green plants. Cyanobacteria, and algae. 

3) Analyze the claims of this advertisement. Using image 1, pick one claim to analyze. What is the claimed health benefit of chlorophyll on humans.? (2 pts)

The claim stated is Immune System Support. 

4) Research the claim in Q3. Using reliable scientific sources research chlorophyll and the selected “benefit” of taking this supplement.

a. Based on course material, list 3 characteristics of a reliable scientific source? (6 pts)

3 characteristics of a reliable source is Currency, Trustworthiness, and importantly where the information is coming from and who the information is coming from.

b. What is the difference between primary and secondary scientific sources? In your answer, state which type of source is more reliable and why? (6 pts)

A primary source is from oneself and the original author while a secondary source is usually a second-hand using information from the primary source. I find a primary source more reliable especially if it’s anything with personal experience because many times secondary sources may not be as factual as the primary source itself and may misconstrue something which would make it unreliable and unactual. 

c. Look up two reliable scientific sources about this ingredient and its “benefit” as stated in Q3.

List your two sources using Author (if present), Name of article, Date (if present), Name of website, and a URL link or a DOI: (6 pts)

Source 1: Hutchison, J. W. H. (n.d.). Wellness + Nutrition. Delta Dental. Retrieved September 22, 2022, from https://www.grinmag.com/2022-wellness/

Source 2:

d. Justify why you consider these sources to be “reliable scientific sources.” (10 pts)

i. Source One:

ii. Source Two:

5) Research the claim you stated in question 3. From your course material AND the information, you read in the two sources above, organize your information for the ingredient and health benefit in the following table: (both sides need not be equal but you need at least 5 pieces of information) (20 pts)


Write the claim from   Q3 (1 pt):


Evidence in   favor of the claim

Evidence against   the claim






7) Interpret the evidence organized in the above table. Overall, what is the pattern of the evidence in relationship to the claim? (5 pts)

8) Based on your course work, research, and your analysis of the gathered evidence, would you purchase this product? Why or why not? In 3-4 sentences, justify your decision. (15 pts)

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