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List of Conflict Models
The Circle of Conflict model
The Triangle of Satisfaction model
The Boundary model
The Interests/Rights/Power model
The Dynamics of Trust model
The Dimensions of Conflict model
The Social Styles model
Week 1 Assignment: Library Research Activity
For this activity, you will create a short, annotated bibliography (summary of articles) from the university library.
Using the schools online library, conduct an advanced search on the seven conflict models listed above.
Narrow your search by selecting more than one field type (e.g., subject and keyword).
Select three scholarly and peer-reviewed articles and compose a paper with the following information:
APA Style in-text with corresponding reference list citations for each article.
A one- to two-paragraph narrative that summarizes the key details of each article.
For information on annotated bibliographies and APA Style, review Hacker and Sommers’ (2019) resource, A Pocket Style Manual: APA Version (available in VitalSource).
Hacker D. & Sommers, N. (2019). A pocket style manual: APA version. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins.