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Look at Dr. Ferrandos short video lectures. (Resources for this week) Find artworks and relate artwork to the philosophical concepts. Tease out at least 3 concepts/ideas per -ism. You can morph this chart into a mindmap or similar if you prefer that to the chart. Thats fine. Do not feel pressed to make fancy, fabulous visual graphics. Most important is
– to use the terminology to explain an artworks theme and that you are understanding new ideas and aspects of these fields of endeavor.
Use your Textbook. Christiane Paul does give some excellent examples of art in these thematic categories of experience. Whatever you would like to associate, or where you would like to direct our attention – moral, ethical, legal areas of thought. What does it mean to be human? I would like you to respond – especially – to post-humanism and trans-humanism.
These are about 7 mins each, but are very good! There a total of 6, from which I have selected 4, but, of course, you can find 1 – 6 on You Tube and listen to the entire mini-course!
Dr. Francesca Ferrando teaches Philosophy at NYU and she is very good at explaining concepts in post-human thought which vary from what defines a human to the fear of AI takeover and how we can look at these moments from post-humanistic/philosophical perspectives. Please come to class with any contribution you would like to make, and with any comments you might have regarding post-humanism.
What does Post-humanism mean?
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What is Post humanism?
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What is Trans-humanism?
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What is Post-dualism?
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