Managing Failure in the Critical Path

 Discussion post :Respond to the following: In Module 3, you created a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for your project. How is WBS different from a project network? How are the two tools related? If creating a project network is quicker and it clearly displays all the elements of a project, then why do you need to create a WBS? Briefly describe a business scenario for an ongoing project (this can be your project, a project you worked on, or a project you read about). Identify how slack was used by the project manager. Was this an appropriate use of the technique, or did the project manager err in this particular application? What can you learn from the scenario presented in applying slack to a business project? Consider that there is a failure along the project’s critical path from the scenario you described. Briefly explain what options the project manager had to make to bring the project back into the allowable schedule. Did the project manager take the appropriate actions? How much time was lost because of the failure and how much time was made up with the correct decisions? From the above example, what should be the lessons learned about managing a project? Finally, consider the ethical considerations of building slack into a project. Is this an acceptable business practice? Provide support for your choice. Should a project manager explicitly disclose the use of slack when building or sharing a project schedule?

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