Marketing Ethics & Responsibility (MK285) Assignment Brief 2

Marketing Ethics & Responsibility (MK285)

Assignment Brief 2

Students should use the ethical issue and market identified in assignment 1 and review the CSR, Social Purpose Marketing, Social Marketing and Marketing ethics literature, together with market and consumer data to make recommendations for how marketing managers could adopt strategies and tactics to profitably improve the ethical performance of their brands.

 This will include:

Presentation and Discussion of findings from the literature including examples of how businesses are effectively tackling this issue.

Application of theory – Discussion of how responsible marketing / business models and theories could be applied to your ethical issue / market.

Use of market data and consumer data and marketing planning and strategy models to make research-informed recommendations to profitably improve the ethical performance of the brand. 

You can present your findings, discussion and recommendations in the format of your choice (written or oral) – for example as a marketing or relevant industry blog, marketing or business press article, academic literature review, podcast or TED talk, presentation to marketing professionals…. As long as you demonstrate you have met the brief and learning outcomes.  An oral presentation will need to be submitted as video of the presentation.

This assignment will assess the following learning outcomes:

Demonstrate the ability to carry out a literature review linking academic theory to real world business cases in order to inform recommendations for current and future marketing practice.

Use market data and marketing models to propose recommendations to profitably improve ethical performance.

Use feedback and self-assessment to capitalise on strengths and make improvements to develop business communication skills.


You will also be required to complete an ACT on Feedback form to demonstrate how you have used feedback from assignment 1 and used self assessment to improve your work. This must be attached as an appendix to your assignment.


As with assignment 1, we will expect clear, well-written or presented and referenced assignments

We expect that all assignment 2 papers will include references to at least 10 relevant academic sources (such as key journal articles or texts), as well as other sources, for example business, marketing, quality consumer press, market reports, industry publications etc.

In view of  the limited word length / presentation time (2500 words or 20 minutes), you will need to be concise in your writing style and be guided by the marking grid below in terms of where to focus most attention.

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