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The assigned reading for this module is Herrera chapter 6 and you will also read the article by Fine & Furtak.
There is a short video overview where I discuss assessment in the content areas and a webinar from Stanford with examples of assessing language in content areas.
For this discussion board I would like you to think about the assigned readings and videos in module 12. After reading and watching the videos, I want you to consider how you could plan for student conversations in virtual or face to face settings in ways that would enable you to see language development and content learning. Consider the Stanford video – Rich Talk, Chapter six in Herrera, and the article by Fine & Furtak, what type of planning has to take place to ensure that the conversations are free of bias and designed to provide you with knowledge of student learning and language development?
Please write at least one paragraph on the conversation or formative assessment and respond to at least one peer.