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Maya was excited about her job interview with the firm where she had always thought she wanted to work. The meetings at the office went well, and the interview team invited her to the firm’s traditional meet-the- candidate dinner. Maya declined an offer of a drink before dinner, because she wanted to stay sharp and focused.

One of the interviewers leaned over and said, “Better get used to socializing over drinks and dinner. That’s how a lot of our firm’s business is done.” During the meal, while Maya was conversing with another interviewer, she overheard one of the other interviewers say to another, “Isn’t she lovely? She’s so exotic looking. I wonder what her ethnic background is.”
When the dessert tray came around, Maya chose her favorite. “Just this once,” one of the interviewers chuckled. “You should really lose about ten pounds to be in good form to represent this firm well.”
Maya left the dinner feeling very unsettled, but thought to herself, “Well, it’s still a good firm overall, even if these interviewers were jerks.” She was surprised to receive a letter a few days later, politely thanking her for her interest, but indicating that the firm had hired another candidate for the position Maya was seeking.
In a 2-3 page paper address the following:

  1. 1  Did Maya do anything wrong, as a matter of law or as a matter of ethics? Maya did not do anything wrong because she did everything as would be expected of an interviewee. Ethically, she behaved well and she did not break any notable law that would have made her not get the job that she interviewed for.
  2. 2  Did any of the interviewers do anything wrong as a matter of law or as a matter of ethics? Cite any applicable laws.
    The interviewers broke both ethics and laws. Firstly, their comments about her looks were unethical and sexist. Willness, Steel, & Lee,(2007) define sexual harassment as any form of unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or comments and physical conduct that is sexual in nature. The comments about how Maya looked and her ethnic background were unethical. Should she decide to file a formal complaint the interviewer is culpable of a sexual harassment charge. Her ethnicity was also brought up in the conversation that is illegal. Labour laws dictate that employers shuld employ without discrimination. therefore, issues like gender, religion, physical disability, ethnicity and race should not be used by employers to disqualify potential employees. Berdahl (2007) further states that a person who feels like they have been disadvantaged in a job interview because of the aforementioned factors have a right to report to the relevant authorities. Should Maya report the matter, the firm will be in a legal tussle that might make them pay hefty fines. Another interviewer mentioned that she should

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lose a few pounds so that she could be suitable to work in the firm. It was rude and unethical to say that to a person especially someone that is to be an employee. It can also be termed as harassment.

  1. 3  Do you think the firm would be liable if Maya were to bring a lawsuit against the firm, claiming that they engaged in illegal discrimination against her?
    Give reasons in support of your answers, including references to specific conduct described in the account of what happened during the interview and dinner.
    The firm would be liable if Maya reported the matter. The sexual comment on how lovely she looked is termed as sexual offence that can be used in a court of law. Another interviewer commented on her enthnicy that is considered illegal. Another person commented on her weight. It is impolite to talk about a person physical appearance and it is also illegal more so when used in an interview as measure of a potential employees measure of ability to perform duties