Please respond to only one of the two questions below.Total word count must be 250 to 300 words in your posting. (20 points)Do not cut and paste, please post original work.Please provide references for your original postings in APA format.The use of a new technology can bring new life to a mature industry such as the plastics industry. Logistics, supply-chain, and scheduling software have enabled large productivity increases in several mature manufacturing industries. Examples of such software firms are Cleo, Cin7, 3PL Warehouse Manager, and kintone. Select one of these firms and describe an actual application for operations productivity improvement.When Google initially expanded search services into China, there was surprise over Google’s decision to censor some content to comply with requests by the Chinese government. Why did some view this as “evil”? How did Google view the concern? What other challenges face companies that expand into international markets?


Chapter 15. Exercise:An acquirer looks for a company with a good profit margin, a proven history, and a fair price. Choose an industry of interest and list five criteria for selecting candidates for acquisition.Research and response to the above question in no less than 300 words, single spaced. Provide references in APA format. A title page is not needed.Requirements: 300 – 400 word each