Most of you may have heard the adage, “If you


Most of you may have heard the adage, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” This principle is true in multiple areas of life, particularly within the classroom environment. Think back over your educational experiences. What was one of the worst lessons that you can remember enduring? How did the teacher fail to convey the material? Was it blatantly obvious that he or she was unprepared for class? Can you recall any overarching themes? What could he or she have done differently?

Write your reflections from the classmate’s post by selecting an idea from the reading, describing your thoughts and feelings about it and why you agree.

                                      CLASSMATE’S POST

There was a creative writing teacher I used to have that obviously rarely ever planned her lessons. She would come to class smelling like illegal substances then put on “educational movies.” She stated the day before that we would be working on Argumentative writing. She would have students write down the grade they thought they deserved then actually give it to them. We never had an actual lesson on how to effectively write argumentatively. When confronted by her teammates she simply said that her class was not a standardized testing subject. However, when we took our final in English, we had to argumentatively response to a writing prompt. Which I believe several of my classmate would have benefited from if she had taught. After multiple reports she got her license revoked. I believe that she should have never pursued a career in teaching. I believe that one of the most obviously overarching themes was as a teacher, students will always reflect your effort. Honestly, if she really wanted to be there she could have planned. If she did want to implement movies, at least have us respond creatively.

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