Note:  The following questions are regarding the Software Engineering Process, Software Engineering Quality, and Software Engineering Models, please select 5 of the questions from the listed to answer, each one cost 20 points, totally 100 points. 


1. Describe the components and quality which is necessary for the documents of software specification.

2. Explain concept of data flow diagram, if possible giving a diagram.

3. Define the blue print methodology.

4. What are the differences between verification and validation in software development, and the benefits of verification and validation in software development?

5. Explain software reliability and define how software and hardware reliability related to each other.

6. Write short note on Software failure, Black box testing, White box testing and Stress Testing.

7. What are test cases in Software Engineering?

8. Explain the various types of models which used in software Engineering.

9. What is Coding Standard for Software Methodology/Software Engineering? Please explain the objectives of (1) coding (2) structured programming.

10. Explain the waterfall & agile model in detail.