I have a case study lesson, I need to know if someone can rewrite this IEP lesson plan.IEP Information:Parental concerns regarding

I have a case study lesson, I need to know if someone can rewrite this IEP lesson plan.

IEP Information:

Parental concerns regarding their child’s education:

1:1 and 2:1 instruction be differentiated for his needs.

We do not want him to be watching youtube videos during school

We want him to be engaged in active instruction with a teacher. All 1:1 or 2:1 should be targeted on his IEP goals

We need to know the schedule

Is the group session the same everyday? What’s the content for his 1:1 everyday? We need a visual schedule for him

We want him to have a Daily school visual schedule

E-mails were being sent with materials (letter of the week etc.) but have not been consistent. Materials – Teaching aides

Binder sent home. Was not complete. Not focused on developmentally appropriate skills

The IEP Meeting occurred on 02/03/2024 and will last for a year. The child’s name is Chase Smith and he was born on 01/07/2020. He has Down’s Syndrome. He has a significant developmental delay and speech and language impairments. He is a boy. Chase was evaluated by members of the Diagnostic Team on December 2021. The Battelle Developmental Inventory 2 (BDI 2) and the Preschool Language Scale 5 (PLS 5) were used to assess Chase’s strengths and weaknesses. At this time, Chase is showing significant deficits in the social-emotional, motor, adaptive, communication/language, and cognitive areas, which negatively impact upon his ability to engage in appropriate activities. is at the Emerging level for Math, Reading, and Approaches to Learning on GKIDS. Speech Pathology Inc evaluation completed 1/14/2021. Chase achieved the following standard scores on the PLS5: Auditory Comprehension-52, Expressive Communication-50, Total Language Score-50. These scores indicate a significant speech-language disorder. A motor speech evaluation was completed which indicated severe childhood apraxia of speech. Chase produced the following CV-71%, VC-44%, VCV-17%, CVCV-82%, CVCV change in vowel=22%, CVCV change in vowel and consonant-0%. An AAC assessment was conducted with AAC Genie and the Dynamic AAC Goals Grid 2. Chase could find target 100% of time with small button in a field of 45 real photos with no competing photos. With competing photos, he was 100% accurate in field of 15, 60% accurate in field of 32, 33% accurate in field of 45. The DAGG2 indicated that Chase is an emerging ability level 3: Context Dependent. Chase recognizes upper and lowercase letters. He is able to name a word that begins with a letter when asked. Chase is able to count at least 6 objects. He can rote count to at least 10 and recognize numerals from 0-10. Chase can identify at least 4 two dimensional shapes.

Chase is a joy to have in the classroom and adds a lot to the class. He is friendly, energetic and enjoys coming to school. Chase has a tendency to push or hit his peers when he feels they are entering his area or too near his space. We are working on personal space and appropriate responses to these situations. Chase is always quick to say ,”Sorry” ,but it is difficult to determine whether he understands his reaction to the action is not the right way to respond. While Chase will stay seated during an teacher directed activity he does not always want to participate and will show his displeasure by saying, “no”, pushing away from the table or reaching for something else to do. Chase has a difficult time waiting for the teacher to give him instructions and or materials before beginning a project. He tries to “grab” whatever is in front of him and begin. When transitioning Chase needs several reminders (verbal and gesture) to stand up, when he hears the timer go off and move to the appropriate area.

Goal: Chase will hold a pencil and make a circle

Goal: Chase will follow directions when told to do it and when I show him.

Fine Motor: Chase Is able to form the letters of his name in very large letters but he is not yet able to write his name in 1-2 inch block letters. Chase is not able to cut independently with standard scissors. Chase is not able to independently fasten zippers, buttons and snaps

Chase is able to raise his hand to answer questions, answer questions appropriately and complete tasks. Chase is able to recognize different emotions. The previous teacher who was able to observe Chase in the classroom environment stated that Chase is able to recognize and emulate 5 different emotions in the previous IEP. Chase is very friendly and seems to enjoy interacting with classmates and teachers. Chase greets teachers and peers appropriately and will repeat what he is saying or signing if his partner is unable to understand him. Chase is able to approximate letter “C”, “h”, “s” and a circle. He is able to draw simple pictures with modeling. Chase is able to open and close scissors. He can do several fine motor tasks such as assembling puzzles, connecting blocks, and stacking blocks. Chase is able to unzip a zipper. Chase is a delightful boy who readily greets others. He loves music, singing, and dancing. Chase uses gestures, signs, and words to communicate. He combines signs and words together for a variety of purposes (i.e. requesting, answering questions, negation, labeling). Chase’s vocabulary continues to grow and he signs or verbalizes words in variety of categories. Chase answers everyday “what, who, where” questions with a field of 3 pictures supports by pointing to the appropriate picture or verbalizing his answer. He is beginning to answer “who, what, where” about information read to him with picture supports in a field of 2. He consistently expresses the concepts “hot/cold” and is becoming more consistent with other concepts. His oral motor structures appear adequate for speech. Chase’s voice is appropriate for his age and gender. Although his verbal output is limited, he does not appear to stutter The following sources were used to determine the strengths listed below: observations, informal/formal assessments, goal probing, evaluations. Chase does not identify letters with their sounds. Chase does not consistently count more than 6 objects with 1:1 correlation.

Communication: The following strengths are based on speech-language data and observation during virtual learning. Chase has made progress toward all of his speech-language goals, however he continues to exhibit a speech-language disorder. Chase requires cues and visual supports to consistently identify quality concepts other than “hot/cold”. Chase does not follow directions containing spatial concepts, identify them in pictures, or express them. Although Chase likes stories and appears to attend to them, he has difficulty answering “‘who, what, where” questions about stories that have been read to him. Chase attempts to imitate words. Chase’s production of CVCV words remains inconsistent (70%). Although his production of words with the final consonants /p, b, m/ have improved (38%), he is not producing other sounds in the final position. Chase’s speech is difficult to understand even when the context is known.

Goal: Others will understand what Chase is saying

Goal: Chase will count to 10 with 1:1 correlation

Impact of the disability on involvement and progress in the general education curriculum (for preschool, how the disability affects participation in appropriate activities):

Due to a diagnosis of Significant Developmental Delay and Speech Language Impairment, Chase demonstrates deficits that adversely impact his ability to make progress towards meeting standards based on the Georgia Kindergarten Index of Development Standards as well as being able to participate in age-appropriate activities. Specifically, he has difficulty with social skills, completing fine motor task ,acquiring preschool concepts, staying on task , communicating to peers and adults as well as language development.

Goal: Chase will stay in his space.

Goal: Chase will button his pants

Chase cannot use the scissors that the school has. Chas has trouble holding the skinny pencil the school uses. Chase needs a visual schedule. Chase needs visual supports for instruction. He needs to take breaks during the day. He should sit near the teacher. He should have a chance to be with his peers.


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