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Observation 3: Social/Emotional development – observe the child in a setting where social and emotional behaviors can be observed.
Complete and submit by Sunday, 11/1@11:59 p.m.:Social/Emotional Observation:a. Complete a Running Record (pg. 8) during the observation.
b. Pull out one incident/behavior from the running record to write an anecdotal record/note on
the Anecdotal Note form (pg. 7).
c. Document one (1) I Wonder statement on the form (page 18).
Fill in the Developmental Indicator Summary Handout pg.
17 for the Social/Emotional domain.Submit:
Running Record,
Anecdotal Record,
One I Wonder statement (it’s okay to have only one on the sheet that you will submit),
Developmental Indicator Summary.
Please use the previous assignment completed on Language Development for the child to use as your subject.