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Observation can be a powerful tool for expanding your understanding of mindful communication and taking note of which communication strategies seem to work well and which ones do not. For this Blog Assignment, observe an adult and young child communicating and reflect on how the ways in which the adult engages in interactions demonstrate the kinds of effective communication you have been learning about this week.
Select a location for your observation. The possibilities are plentiful everyday venues like a park, beach, community center, store, or on public transportation. A preschool or other early childhood setting also can provide an opportunity for you to see adults interacting and conversing with children.
If you are unable to observe an adult and young child communicating in a real-world setting, you may view this type of interaction in a movie, on television, or refer to an example you may find in a book.
By Day 6
Provide an account of your observation.
Describe what you noticed and learned.
Make connections between what you observed and the effective communication strategies presented in this week’s learning resources. What could have been done to make the communication more affirming and effective?
Share your thoughts with regard to how the communication interactions you observed may have affected the childs feelings and/or any influences it may have had on the childs sense of self worth.
Offer insights on how the adult-child communication you observed this week compares to the ways in which you communicate with the children. What have you learned about yourself this week with respect to how well you talk with and listen to young children? In what ways could you improve?