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Once you have read through the case study, imagine that you have been asked by your chief executive officer to review the case with the organizations senior leadership team.
Your PowerPoint presentation should include slides that address the following: background, major problems(s) and secondary issues, your role in addresses the major problem(s) and secondary issues, strengths and weaknesses that exist in relation to the major problem, alternatives/recommended solutions, and evaluation.
Refer to Appendix A in your textbook for a summary of what is typically included in each section.
Remember, THIS IS A POWERPOINT presentation, not a written assignment.
PowerPoint slides SHOULD NOT have paragraphs of information, instead, powerful points of information that you will expand upon in the verbal delivery.
I have added a file that a good friend of mine, who is a healthcare executive and college instructor,
put together regarding constructing a professional PowerPoint.
Your presentation/slide show should contain at least 6-12 slides, not including title and reference slides.