Our second video is Food Chains, a documentary that first


Our second video is Food Chains, a documentary that first aired in 2014.  It depicts the recent battle of Florida tomato workers to improve their income and working conditions. You will note many of the same issues that were dealt with in our first video, Harvest of Shame.  How would you compare the situation of farm workers in the two films? What do you think has changed since that earlier film?

This story is an excellent depiction of a social movement in action, and should be helpful as you do your research on Slow Food chapters as agents of social change.  What are the workers’ grievances?  Social movements are usually difficult to organize.  What are the resources that make their collective action possible? Who are their allies and adversaries? What are their most effective strategies for achieving change?

Food chains Documentary link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vw-qTCW8fo

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