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Over the course of the quarter, you will identify someone who is currently working in a field that interests you and complete an informational interview with them (10-15 minutes) focusing on different aspects of their career. You will then write a 3-page paper sharing what you learned from the interview. Please use the Homework Template. This paper must be submitted to Canvas by 11:59 pm, date found below on the course schedule.
Briefly (no more than half a page) summarize your experience during the interview.
Start by identifying:a)
The name of the individual youinterviewed.b)
The individual’s position/title and organization.c)
The date and length of the interview (can be over the phone).In the reflection, be sure to cover the following points:a)General reflections about what youlearned about this person, this occupation, and/or yourselffrom this interview.b)Describe the skills and abilities youalready have to be successful in this field/occupation.c)Discuss what additional skills/abilities/classes/training youwill need to obtain.d)Discuss how the field/occupation is in line with your interests, values, and preferences.e)Describe the pros and cons (from yourpersonal perspective) of pursuing this field/occupation.f)
What next steps could youtake to learn more about this field/occupation?
Be specific.