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PAPER and PowerPoint Presentation
Requirements (Paper and PowerPoint Presentation)
Read the IIA Case Study (attached below) and Refer below mentioned links to complete the assignment.
Research a case study of professional sports and data analytics (MLB, NHL, NFL, Premier League).
Prepare a 5-6 pages paper written in APA format.
Must Provide citations and references.
PPT Presentation
Prepare an 8 to 10 PPT slides presentation
Introduction of the issue
Analysis of the tools used
What the group would have done differently
Presentation of the final solution
Refer case study pdf document attached and below articles:
Sports and Data Analytics Articles that must be used with the paper:
– Changing the Game: How Data Analytics Is Upending Baseball
– The Other ‘Moneyball’: Using Analytics to Sell Season Tickets
– Telling the Data Story Behind Video Gaming
– CHANGING THE GAME: The Rise of Sports Analytics
– How Data Analysis In Sports Is Changing The Game
– Why is Data Analytics So Important in Sports?
– How Data Analytics Is Revolutionizing Sports
– Analytics in Sports – SAS
– The Emergence of Sport Analytics
– Beyond ‘Moneyball’: Rapidly evolving world of sports analytics, Part I
-Beyond Moneyball
-Data Management and Analytics